Astrology Readings at Moodflower

I am now offering astrology readings at a sliding scale. This is an attempt to make astrological readings from a studied professional more accessible -- a specialty we so often overlook in the back pages of magazines and the automatized style of apps.

Astrology is an art and a valuable tool for insight, not just a way to reinforce the scaffolding of the ego. I intentionally focus on identifying the life patterns and psychological structures that will help you to feel a sense of recognition and clarity about your life and its current complications. With over 10 years of experience and study, I aim to empower you and instill a sense of freedom by giving you new possibilities and creating definition within a tangle of complexes.

Knowledge is power. Astrology can answer the deep need that we have to be seen and to understand ourselves, and it’s both inspiring and comforting to see where we fit into a larger, more universally connected picture. It’s also an exercise in symbolic reality, which is the language of magic and of the unconscious mind.

Regular Chart Analysis

What are the larger themes for us to focus on in this specific time of our lives? What lessons are we here to learn? A Regular Chart Analysis Reading will endeavor to locate and untangle the core complexes of the your chart-- the internal scripts and beliefs that are blocking you from fully experiencing and achieving the life you want to live. The reading will include important current and upcoming long-term transits. You are encouraged to come with specific questions or areas of life that you wish to understand more deeply. For new clients, it is highly reccommended that you begin with this reading. For return clients, a chart analysis will be different every time, because of the surrounding transits and the specific questions and areas of life that you are coming to the reading with, as well the ever-changing nature of your own self-understanding. It is reccommended that you wait 6 months between Chart Analysis readings to get the most out of each one.

Regular Chart Analysis Readings are $45-$90 sliding scale.

Solar Return Reading

This reading is a birthday specific reading, where the chart of the day the sun returns to its natal position (roughly around the native's birthday) is analyzed in its own right in relation to the natal chart, the progressed chart, and the year's major transits.

Solar Return Readings are $45-$90 sliding scale.

Relationship Reading

This reading will focus on the relationship between two people. This is not limited to romanctic relationships -- it can be a working relationship, a friendship, or family relationship. The reading will be conducted using the birth data of any two individuals, using both synastric and composite astrology as well as long term transits and the progressed composite. You are encouraged to bring specific questions and areas of concern for us to discuss during your reading.

Relationship Readings are $70-$115 sliding scale.

***Additional Chart Data: I also offer the option to look at someone else's chart in the context of your individual reading at an additional rate for each additional set of birth data. If you would like me to also look at someone else's bithdata in relation to your personal reading, it is $35 extra for each additional birth chart. This is also applicable to relationship readings: if you would like to add any additional birth charts to the discussion of a relationship reading, whether that is because of an unconventional relationship setup or a question regarding a relevant outside party.